About Us

Who Are Gray Stuart?

Gray Stuart is a unique International real estate investment consultancy and international relocation company run by Ex Pats for Ex Pats specializing in properties for international lifestyle buyers and prime location investments for our international investors. We have a unique understanding of Asia and European property markets and specialize in looking after the affairs of Offshore Investors. Most importantly we are unique as we consider ourselves consultants and not brokers and yes there is a huge difference, a broker is in the business of selling property and a consultant is someone who puts their clients’ interests above all others taking a long term view about making money. Also as Real Estate Consultants we offer fee based services as well as commission based services.

Because our background is that of Ex Pats who have travelled to new countries and gone through some of the frustrations of understanding how those countries work our aim is to help people like ourselves avoid all those problems and buy safely and securely normally buying in a country for the very first time. We concentrate on three major areas which are:

International Lifestyle Buyers and Investors

In simple terms this is our core business we look after international property buyers and help them buy safely and securely in the new they plan to live or plan to buy property as an investment or a holiday home. We take these through the whole buying process of that country as each country is completely different. We help them find their ideal property and we work with every reputable agent on the ground in each country we do business to find the perfect property or investment for those clients.

Each client’s needs and requirements are completely different so we sit down with each client before we go on to the property viewing stage to make sure were all pulling in the same direction and to make sure we can deliver what our clients want. At the end of the process we then go through the options with the clients and offer our recommendations and let the client decide which property to go for. Some clients take our advice and some clients completely ignore it but in this case we always put on record their buying a property against our advice. At the end of the day was just trying to the thing for our clients as our existing clients are the biggest source of new business for us through referrals and additional new business.

Professional International Property Investors

It’s a very similar approach to our Lifestyle Buying clients the major difference is were talking about investment properties both residential and commercial where these investors are mainly concerned with the return on investment ROI and how their assets will be managed.

To this end we have worked with developers to come up with rental guarantee products offering clients guaranteed rental returns and in some cases guaranteed buy back clauses, giving our investor clients a 3 to 5 year exit strategy. We even have a featured must buy investment section on our website.

The process is the same in that at the end of the process we will sit down with our clients and make sure the investments they are making is what they require. In some cases the big professional investors don’t need or want our advice and that’s perfectly ok as long as they understand whatever we do or advise has been done for their benefit.

So What Makes Gray Stuart different?

In very simple terms Gray Stuart is the only real estate company that can offer you expertise in buying lifestyle property, property investments and help you connect the with the very best professional advisors in the country you are buying.

Also because we are run by global professionals we have a unique understanding of the country we are helping you buy property in and most importantly our clients know they can buy safely and securely with Gray Stuart.

Finally we only use the very best Lawyers, Accountants, and Immigration Experts and Financial Advisory companies. One of our companies Moto’s is never skimp on your Lawyers and Accountant because it could cost you a lot more in the long run.

Get Double Protection with Gray Stuart?

We sell properties in over 15 countries worldwide so clearly the director cannot be in every country all the time. So as a company we have identified the best professional partners in each country who hold our core values and how a client should be treated and basically people we feel we can trust and a good degree of due diligence has gone into their appointment and some of our partner are very good friends of the company.

In some countries like Philippines and Spain we will have our own operation and others we will pass you over to our partner on the ground in places like Miami and Portugal.

This means you get double protection in that you have the best people with the best local knowledge on the ground but you have Gray Stuart overseeing the whole transaction to make sure there are no Gremlins hiding behind the transaction.

So you have that extra layer of protection than going directly to a local real estate company in a country that you have never done business before.

So Why Use Gray Stuart?

Hopefully it’s a company you know you can trust that will put you first and a company you know you can buy safely and securely with. It’s the only company that can offer you the complete service from obtaining citizenship in a new country to buying your dream property in that country.

If you require we will connect you to the very best Lawyers, Accountants, Immigration and Financial Advisors in the country you plan to invest in. We know that only the very best professional advisors will do and that is what you will get from working with us.

Because we are run by Ex Pats we understand your needs but most importantly if we do the right thing by you we are sure you will do the right thing by us by referring your friends, family and business associates to us in the future. Just remember we are NOT real Estate brokers we are INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENT CONSULTANTS