Developers - Why work with us?

Simply put, our business puts your project in front of high quality, international investors and lifestyle property buyers boosting your company profile and giving you the opportunity to sell your project to larger numbers of property buyers.

Professional Expertise

Across our international offices in both Europe and Asia our team of experts are on hand daily to answer any questions and to deal with interested parties.

Our International property consultants are well-traveled and highly experienced in conducting international business with their clients. Once fluent and confident with your product, our team can introduce your project to a large number of qualified and experienced investors of which we maintain ongoing relationships with. Most importantly our consultants speak the language of your potential buyers.

Global Exposure

We give your project the platform it needs to stand out from the crowd and to attract high calibre investors that you would normally miss.

By choosing us as your preferred sales and marketing partner, you put your projects and your company on a different level to the rest of the market and gives you what you need to achieve more sales.

We are experts in generating and converting sales enquiries.

By utilizing a combination of physical and online marketing channels we can take your project to the next level, marketing it professionally, quickly and efficiently to a global audience.

Generating Leads and Closing Sales

We are professional experts in generating and converting sales enquiries.

By utilizing a combination of physical, live and online marketing channels we can take your project to the next level, marketing it professionally, quickly and efficiently to a worldwide audience.

Consistent High Sales Numbers

We recognize that as a developer you need a company you can trust to deliver high sales numbers and sell out your projects so you can concentrate on what you do best, making high quality projects.

As a company, we take the responsibility associated with sales and marketing off your shoulders. We deliver the results you need and in essence we become your sales and marketing division without the costs you would normally associate of having such a division.

Project Commercialization and Strategy

Gray Stuart work with developers to fine tune their products and tailor them to best suit the international investor market. We are in reality a price and marketing consultant we help you make sure you go to the market with a project that is priced to sell and everybody wants to buy

Our company converse with clients every single day and because of this we have a clear understand of the market along with the ever changing needs and demands our clients expect. By leveraging this information well in advance of launch, we can gear your project for success and ensure it has the desired impact on launch.

We can then take that a stage further taking by commercializing your project we can not only sell directly to our client base we can take your project whole market place and get every reputable agent and marketing partner to help sell your project with diluting the quality of the message of the product.


We are always interested in working with new people and partners and with many of our properties being exclusive to us, we frequently collaborate with various organizations, IFA’s, marketing partners and real estate agents who promote our projects to clients of their own. We are always looking to explore new markets and find new pockets of business across several global markets. If you feel you may have clients that would be interested in our opportunities, then we want to hear from you and would be very interested in working with you.


Gray Stuart business is built upon forging lasting, fruitful relationships with lifelong customers.
By exceeding expectations and going the over delivering for our clients, we have developed strong networks of loyal buyers who recommend us time and time again. Over 75% of our business stems from positive word of mouth, repeat buyers and business referrals. We understand how important relationships are in establishing long term business for everyone.
We offer an attractive referral scheme as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to those clients that introduce us to friends and family who later go on to buy with us. Contact us today to learn more about our referral scheme or just ask when you’re next speaking to one of our property consultants