Gray Stuart to Revolutionize Portugal Real Estate


With the news that Gray Stuart are to open its first Portugal office in 2021 with what we believe in a revolutionary approach towards clients and sales agents. Whilst the concept is not new we strongly believe that it will change the life of property owners but for sure the income real estate agents get from their hard professional work.



In essence the agents will get at least 67% commission from any sale they make where they are currently being paid between 20% to 30% at the very best. So examples of similar offers can be found in Remax Franchises in the Philippines where an agent can get up to 80% of the commission but have to pay an office contribution fee or around 200 Euros a month (which is high for the Philippines) and more importantly they mainly have to create their own leads. Another system by Mallorca Finest where they paid 15% for the listing, 30% for the sale and 30% for the lead. So if you found you own client for you own property you would get 75% of the commission and work in an amazing office with full support. You couldn’t possibly run your own business for 25% of your income to that level. A more recent example comes from Finland where a company called Bo Real Estate gave up to 70% commission to agents and grew to 40 offices with over 20m Euros turnover before selling 87% of the company to Investors.


So Gray Stuart model has elements of all of these operations with full office support and enough leads for the sales agents to be successful but we are also choosy about who we give the opportunity to. We plan to create a partnership family style operation where we are all part of the same team. An example of this would be if someone is not performing and therefore affecting the results for everyone it will be the other agent partners who will decide their fate not the management by way of a vote. Only if it was tied or narrow would the management step in to give that person more time to get their act together. However as Gray Stuart are only recruiting the very best this situation is unlikely but gives you an idea of our approach.



The operation will offer Home Staging, New Development commercialization for Developers and a unique graphic design and professional video approach for exclusive listings. This is just a flavour of what we are doing as we want to save all the unique features for our launch which will be sometime in March of this year.


So if you’re one of the very best sales agents in the Lisbon area and feel under-appreciated or under-paid make sure you get in contact for an interview at